Our Practice Areas

We advise companies and individuals in establishing and managing administration of International Companies, Offshore Entities and Holding Structures, to meet the clients’ specific objectives. We also help foreign companies in establishing a commercial presence onshore in the UAE while mitigating the risks associated with local companies’ law.

Banking and Finance

The firm has a wide-range experience in international syndicated facilities, including the handling of amendments, assignments and sub-participation. We prepare and obtain governmental approvals required for external commercial borrowings for projects. The firm has been advising on issues relating to insurance and herding from interest and currency rate fluctuations. Our clients in this sphere range from project companies to multilateral funding agencies.

We assist in the areas of:
• Contract Review
• Drafting of Agreements
• Business Structuring
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Corporate Financing
• Labor & Employment

Family Law

Our Advocates assist clients a wide range of cases in Family Law. Our unique ability stems from our years of experience in handling issues covering women and children particularly on abuse and violence incidents. We are knowledgeable in the most recent techniques and practices in presenting child witnesses and protection of women’s rights in the family.

Our team includes specialist accredited family lawyers, family and civil mediators, collaborative lawyers, arbitrators, and legal professionals specialized in providing Divorce, Child Custody and other Matrimonial ancillary relief.

We resolve our cases through a sensitive, proactive, settlement-focused and conciliatory approach.

We advise on all areas of family law including:

• Child Custody
• Domestic Violence
• Divorce
• Maintenance and Child Support
• Law of Inheritance and Wills
• Prenuptial & Postnuptial

Real Estate

The firm provides vast experience on legal advice and representation before rent committees, as well as counseling and representation relating to property disputes before courts and arbitration center. The Firm yields to clients in the purchase, leasing, sale and lease back arrangements of commercial, industrial and residential property. The real estate team regularly represents developers, institutional lenders, borrowers and investors in all aspects of real estate transactions such as financing acquisition investment, disposition and leasing matters as also in restructuring real estate related debts.

The firm offers legal assistance in:

• Legal representation in all real estate disputes
• Drafting of all real estate documents
• Mediators in disputes between developers and investors
• Facilitating in the settlement of rental disputes between landlords and tenants
• Development and organization of Owners’ Associations
• Drafting of Joint Ownership of Property regulations
• Licensing and registration of developers and projects
• Counselling services regarding land acquisition, procurement of permits, and establishment of escrow accounts
• Advisory services for procurement of real estate financing and professional legal assistance with all types of sales, leases and purchases

Civil Law

The firm provides services based on knowledge of general fields of law, and thus attending to the requirements of national and international clients on matters relating to implementation of contracts, execution of court judgments, and all issues relating to commercial transactions & representation of private rights and remedies.

We boast our extensive experience in mediation, arbitration and other alternative modes of dispute resolution. In the prosecution of civil cases, the firm does its best efforts to ensure that our results always exceed our clients’ desires.

Our clients are our priority. We give them thorough and clear assessment of their position, the various obtainable options, and a recommendation for timely, commercial and cost-effective solution. With our ability to craft creative solutions to complex legal issues, we suggest innovative technology and processes to achieve significant efficiencies for our clients.

Our expert lawyers take pride in assisting clients in:

• Advising clients in civil transactions
• Advising companies on contract agreements
• Advising on contractual agreements and property possession
• Drafting and filing of Travel Ban and Civil cases
• Bringing and defending claims
• Appearing in behalf of the clients before the courts, at all stages of legal proceedings
• Instigating civil actions
• Drafting and filing of motions and other submissions, as well as arguing the same
• Filing for necessary appeals to the higher courts

Corporate and Commercial Law

The Firm takes pride in our expertise, competence and experience in the field of corporate and commercial concerns as well as our potential in finding solutions to the complex and challenging problems in this field. We offer our clients an assistance through cost-efficient and quality legal services in company formation, registration of corporate vehicles, availment of incentives, application for business licenses, and obtention of government approvals.

The Firm’s corporate and commercial practice involves a wide range of clientele. The Advocates advise and assist clients in the formation of local companies, in restructuring, corporate acquisition and sales.

The firm is engaged in:
• Incorporation advice and implementation
• Agency Law
• Franchising
• Licensing
• Employment law
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Takeovers
• Audit disputes

Labor Law

The Firm provides comprehensive legal advice derived from extensive knowledge about Labor Law and its amendments and well-structured documentation for the entire employment cycle.

Our Advocates is a group of experts with extensive exposure and high level of proficiency in handling matters involving labor standards and labor relations law, as well as other social legislations.

Our lawyers are motivated by their desire to create cooperation and harmony in labor relations. They are proactive in helping the management understand the legal and practical intricacies of labor management relations and help in developing and implementing practical solutions to labor related issues.

The Firm offers services in:

• Legal Consulting on the rights and obligations of employers and employees
• Drafting of Offer Letters, Employment Agreements and Termination Letters
• Interpreting labor contracts
• Appearing in behalf of the clients before the Ministry of Labour, in all legal stages of proceedings
• Facilitating in the settlement of disputes between and among employers and employees
• Mediating in the collective bargaining agreement, ensuring that each’s side’s rights are protected and prerogatives are respected
• Settling of Claims for Compensation
• Transferring or cancelling sponsorships
• Lifting of Employment Bans
• Drafting and filing of complaints, motions and other submissions, as well as arguing the same
• Assisting in the drafting of company manuals and rules and regulations

Arbitration and Litigation

The Firm boasts itself with a team of dedicated, reliable and competent lawyers who provide legal advice and representation before all arbitration forum in UAE and for litigation of civil and criminal matters, from settlement negotiation and pre-litigation correspondence to initiation of formal proceedings and execution of civil judgment.

We launch litigation strategies with a thorough preparation and with sensitivity to the client’s objectives and awareness. We complement our core practice areas by giving advice to our clients concerning dispute resolution strategy, methods and solutions, and by representing them in the negotiations of their disputes with relevant parties.

We assist our clients in resolving disputes for the following:

• Insurance Recovery
• Claims Review & Valuation
• Complex Litigation Management
• Domestic & International Arbitration, Mediation & Conciliation
• Employment Law & Implications
• Intellectual Property
• Overseas Counsel Coordination & Assistance
• Representation before all Domestic Courts
• Commercial and Civil Disputes
• Shipping and Arbitration
• Communication & Media

Criminal Law

The Firm is dedicated to protect the bill of rights of every individual. We represent persons accused who are facing criminal prosecutions involving minor and major criminal cases, such as driving under the influence of alcohol, bounced checks, child abuse, human trafficking, theft, drug trafficking, and murder.

Our goal is to offer the most affordable and effective legal representation to protect our clients and resolve their cases successfully.

We make efforts to conduct a full investigation of the cases in preparation for trial. The Firm ensures that the constitutional rights are not violated during the course of law.

We give assistance to clients in:

• Appearing in behalf of the clients before the local courts, the Public Prosecution and at all stages of legal proceedings
• Negotiating with the prosecution in plea bargaining to obtain a reduced sentence or to have the charges dropped
• Investigating the case by researching facts and laws
• Interviewing witnesses to obtain testimony
• Drafting and filing of criminal complaints, motions and other submissions, as well as arguing the same
• Discharging clients from prisons
• Filing for a necessary appeal to the higher courts

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